Punching Bag

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Children hanging sandbag :This bag is empty, you can fill it with sand, old useless cloth, cotton, sponge, etc. The chain is packed in a boxing bag. Boxing bags are used for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and contact sports athletes to practice kicking, footwork and boxing. Very suitable for the development of hand and foot skills and shaping the body.
Rough metal chain :We use the highest quality steel and thick metal chain. The optimized weight is twice that of the unupgraded version on the market. It is more durable and provides you with a more stable and safe boxing experience.
High-quality stitching technology :The stitching is firm and delicate. The metal buckle can firmly connect the sandbag and the metal chain. Zipper seal, convenient and safe. The metal chain is durable and can be hung on the wall.
Material :This heavy sandbag is made of high-quality canvas fabric, wear-resistant and durable, and can be used for many years. The PU patch in the middle is smooth enough to protect your hands from wear.
Products include:
-An empty bag
-A chain (packaged in a boxing bag)
-A clip (used to connect the chain and the bag)
-A hanger